Cuvée Christine Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2006

Technical information

  • Alcohol : 12.19°
  • Acidity (sulphuric acid) : 3.68 grs/l
  • Residual sugar : 76.7 grs/l

Technical sheet elaborated by Mr Pascal LEONETTI

"Best Sommelier of France 2006"
"Best Young Sommelier of France 2003"


From the day her husband Ernest Schlumberger passed away, Christine Schlumberger took over the management of the Domaines Schlumberger and maintained her role of managing director for almost 20 years with talent and a firm hand. She was the Grandmother of our current Managing Director Mr Alain Beydon-Schlumberger. The Late Harvest (Vendanges Tardives - appellation since 1984) are wines harvested in overmaturity, several weeks after the harvest. Contrary to certain types of sweet wines, they maintain a freshness and natural acidity in a flavour that is unique in the world.


Our Late Harvest Gewurztraminer Cuvée Christine 2006 comes exclusively from our Grand Cru KESSLER.


The Cuvée Christine results from a selection of our Late Harvest grapes produced in 2006. Monitoring work is carried out from the winter pruning of the vine until the harvest carried out in November 2006. Collected manually from our steep vineyards, the grapes are then transported in small crates (to avoid damaging the grapes) to our cellars where they will then be slowly pressed. After racking over approximately 3 days, the perfectly limpid juices are put to ferment in tuns where temperature is rigorously controlled. Fermentations last from 1 to 3 months until spring. The wines are then stabilised, filtered and then bottled the following spring. They are then stored for several years before being dressed up and dispatched around the world.


The robe is a deep golden yellow with light reflections of great intensity. The disk is bright, limpid, transparent. The wine presents a beautiful concentration and a youthful quality. The nose is marked, pleasant, with a great intensity, and gives out candied, overmatured, fruity scents, quince, mirabelle plum, oven baked apples, slightly smoky. Airing enhances the fruity character and reveals a slight trace of botrytis as well as an underlying hint of spices, curry, and flowers, rose.
The concentrated nose displays a remarkable purity. Still very young and complex, time will be its best ally. The onset in the mouth is ample, semi liquorish. The alcoholic base is pressent. One evolves on a medium with a delicate, slightly underlying vivacity, delicately sparkling. The range of candied flavours reminds of fruits, apricot jelly, quince, mirabelle plum as well as spices, caraway and cumin.
The finish shows a beautiful length, 10 caudalies, and a refreshing vivacity. The sense of retro-olfaction has a remarkable purity.


Very beautiful wine, sharp and concentrated, the terroir once again shows its greatness in this range. Ideally, it should be kept another 5 years to open out, though already very pleasant with a tarte tatin and Tahitian vanilla ice cream.
Serving temperature 11°C.