Pinot Noir Les Princes Abbés 2009

Technical information

  • Alcohol : 13,10°
  • Acidity : 3,07 grs/l
  • Residual Sugar : 0,6 grs/l
  • Appellation : AOC ALSACE
  • Pinot Noir Les Princes Abbés 2009
Pinot Noir Les Princes Abbés 2009
  • Pinot Noir Les Princes Abbés 2009

This wine will suit perfectly a country terrine ...


60% comes from the limestone Bollenberg plot and 40% comes from the marl-limestone Grand Cru Saering plot.


With very low volumes, an excellent healthy state and a very beautiful concentration make the 2009 vintage the year of Pinot Noir. It is made through two macerations lasting about 10 days. Is is raised in traditional tuns for 12 months which adds a more robust and more complex structure to its natural fruitiness.


The robe is ruby red with purple reflections of good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth.

The nose is frank, pleasant with a good intensity. One notes a dominant of fruity scents, red berries, cherry pulp, blackberry and red currant. Airing enhances the kirsch character and reveals a slight reduction as well as a slight floral hint, peony. The raw material is magnified in the glass. Very beautiful work!!!

The onset in the mouth is moderately ample, the alcoholic base is balanced. One evolves on an edgy, clear and slightly sparkling medium. The range of aromas is centered on red berries, cherry, and blueberry, red currant, well emphasized by the floral character. The tannin structure is firm and astringent.

The final presents an average length, 5 caudalies, as well as a marked vivacity and a persistent bitterness. The fruity dimension balances and refines an extracted structure.

  • Country terrine
  • Joint of pork with sautée potatoes

Serve at 16°C.