Sylvaner Les Princes Abbés 2005

Technical information

  • Alcohol : 12,63° 
  • Acidity (sulphuric acid) 4,42 grs/l
  • Residual sugar : 2,8 grs/l
  • Sylvaner Les Princes Abbés
Sylvaner Les Princes Abbés
  • Sylvaner Les Princes Abbés
  • Sylvaner Les Princes Abbés
The refreshing structure of this wine allows to serve it for an aperitif accompanied by “mackerel with lemon” or “ a vegetable and mushroom quiche”.
The Sylvaner grape variety first appeared in Lower Alsace towards the end of the 18th century, and came from Austria. It is the most widespread grape variety in Alsace, particularly in  the Lower Rhine.
Sylvaner mostly comes from the BUX plot but also from the Grand Cru KESSLER plot.
Pressed pneumatically, static settling of the less. Fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. Bottled during the year of production.
The robe is a lemon yellow with green reflections of good intensity. The disk is bright and limpid. The pleasant, reserved, fine and delicate nose reveals delicate fine fruity notes, citrus fruits, lemon zests, floral flavours. Aeration enhances the whole, while revealing a fine candied note. The nose is elegant, complex and hints toward a feeling of freshness. The mouth evolves on a sharp, incisive medium with a touch of airiness. The range of flavours is marked by the fruity side of citrus fruits. The finish offers a frank vivacity.
  • Ham and sausages
  • Seafood, fishes (terrine, sushis …)
  • Quiches, pies, souffles
  • Salads
  • … or just when you’re thirsty
Serve at 12°C