Unlike other winegrowers, who nowadays work horses just for the traditional appeal, at the Domaine Schlumberger we have never abandoned horse ploughing.

The steep terraces of our estate need every bit of the calm characters of our four powerful “franc-comtois” horses to plough the soil.

They also do not suffer from vertigo…

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In order to reduce the natural erosion of sandy grounds, the vineyard is arranged in terracessupported by 50 kilometres (35 miles) of dry stone walles made of sandstone from the Vosges.

Built following the Roman principle of opus incertum (random stonework), a team of highly specialised masons is in charge of these engineering structures throughout the year.

The longevity of the stonework and its capacity to reduce natural erosion will depend on the quality of the cutting and adjustment of each stone.

These walls represent twice the volume of the cathedral of Strasbourg and have made the Domaines Schlumberger known as the “Mountain wine makers”.

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