The "Domaines Schlumberger”

Come and discover our estate in eastern France, on the Alsace wine route. When our ancestors settled in Guebwiller in the 16th century, the Princes Abbés of Murbach Abbey largely controlled the vineyards. The advent of the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century put an end to their influence and allowed a redistribution of the land.

In 1810, Nicolas Schlumberger (1782-1867) moved here to set up his textile machinery factory. Attached to the land, he also acquired some 20 hectares of vines, laying the foundations for a meeting between human needs and the land. Domaines Schlumberger was born.

Three generations later, Ernest Schlumberger (1885-1954) took over the reins of the estate. Marked by the phylloxera epidemic at the very beginning of the 20th century, the local vineyards were abandoned by many winegrowers. Ernest Schlumberger’s vision undoubtedly saw an opportunity. So he relentlessly acquired plots of land and replanted them, terracing the entire vineyard and planting the vines horizontally.

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From 1971 onwards, Eric Beydon-Schlumberger also devoted himself entirely to the estate, not only replanting almost all the ageing vineyard, but also giving it the international renown it enjoys today.

Alain Beydon-Schlumberger, his brother, completed his work in the 2000s by making major investments in the cellar, renewing the equipment and modernising all the production tools.

2 centuries later, thanks to the passion of one family, the haute-couture wines we know today can be enjoyed the world over.