The vineyard and its terroirs

As a 100% harvesting winegrower, we only make wine from our own harvest, which means we don’t buy grapes, juice or wine. Alsatian winegrowers account for just 22% of the region’s production!

Situated on the vertiginous slopes of Guebwiller, in the south of Alsace, with 50° inclinations and an altitude ranging from 250 to 390 metres, our mountainside vineyard is without doubt one of the most striking in Alsace. It has the great privilege of benefiting from triple exposure to the sun: south-west, south and south-east. Guebwiller is the only commune in Alsace to claim 4 Grands Crus.

In fact, half of our vineyard, i.e. 70 hectares, is made up of these unique terroirs.

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