Our commitments

In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than standing still.

Responsible, sustainable and ethical production

At Domaines Schlumberger, respect for the vineyard and passing it on to future generations in the best possible condition are fundamental issues that guide every one of our actions.

A pioneer in Alsace in this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, the estate has chosen to place sustainable development at the heart of its commitments. In each of our actions, we take into account the environmental, economic and social impacts, from the vineyard to the bottle: from the eco-design of our products to the preservation of the site’s biodiversity and historical heritage, not forgetting the well-being of our employees…

All these initiatives have won awards. Since April 2023, the estate has held the Vignerons Engagés label, the first CSR label awarded in Alsace by AFNOR. This certification underlines our desire to place respect for and protection of the environment at the heart of our projects.

HVE: Healthier farming for the benefit of the environment

Since 2019, we have obtained Level 3 High Environmental Value (HVE) certification, which is the highest level of environmental certification for farms. This is a voluntary approach based on indicators and a requirement for results covering the entire farm. Based on 4 themes, this certification reduces the pressure of farming practices on the environment:

  • preserving biodiversity (insects, trees, hedges, grass strips, flowers, etc.)
  • phytosanitary strategy
  • fertilisation management
  • water resource management
  • Our commitment continues with the conversion of our Pinot Noir to Organic Farming (AB) in 2022, and we hope to gain recognition for the many environmental practices that have already been employed at the estate for several decades.