Our commitments

In a changing environment, there is no greater risk than standing still

Responsible, sustainable and ethical production

Respect for the vineyard and its transmission in the best possible condition to future generations are subjects taken very seriously at Domaines Schlumberger.

A pioneer in Alsace in this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, Domaine Schlumberger has chosen to place sustainable development at the heart of its commitments. In each of its actions, the estate takes into account the environmental, economic and societal impacts, from the vineyard to the bottle: from the eco-design of products to the preservation of biodiversity and the historical heritage of the site, including the well-being of its employees…

All of the actions taken have been rewarded. Since April 2023, the estate has been labeled Vignerons Engagés, the first CSR label awarded in Alsace by AFNOR.