The Team

Together everyone achieves more

The Schlumberger Estate is above all a human story in which a great diversity of talents come together who contribute every day to offering the best of oneself. From the vineyard to the sales department, including the cellar and logistics, we are very happy to have a dynamic and dedicated team to this incredible vineyard.

Thomas Schlumberger


Séverine Schlumberger - Domaines Schlumberger

Séverine Schlumberger


Alain Freyburger - Winemaker

Alain Freyburger


Michel Ottermann - Vineyard Manager

Michel Ottermann

Vineyard Manager

Arthur Pacheco - Logistic Manager

Arthur Pacheco

Logistic Manager

Sandra Zurakowski - Export Sales Assistant

Sandra Zurakowski

Export Sales Assistant

Sandra M

Sandra Marques

France Sales Assistant

Anaïs Matt - Tasting room manager

Anais Matt

Tasting room manager

Isabelle Jaegle - Tasting room

Isabelle Jaegle

Tasting room

Christophe Marbach - Cellar Assistant

Christophe Marbach

Cellar Assistant

Fatima Gonzalez - Cleaning Fairy

Fatima Gonzalez

Cleaning Fairy

Marie Holterbach Schlumberger Vin Alsace
Marie Holterbach Service Marketing

Marie Holterbach