Between tradition and modernity !


After having been picked, grapes are sent by crates to the cellar. Pressing is very smooth thanks to our new generation pneumatic presses that enhance the different aromas.


We have 120 old oak casks (they are more than one hundred years old to avoid oak taste in the wines). They are equipped with thermoregulation systems and are the best combination between tradition and innovation.

We also have 80 stainless steel vats. In this way, full freshness and fruitiness are well maintained.


The grapes are harvested during the first days of Autumn and transported under 2 hours to the cellar.

No stripping (except for the Pinot Noir), but the grapes are conveyed whole to the presses.

Slow and regular pneumatic pressing provides almost limpid juices. The juices are strained using static sludge removal.
A perfectly limpid juice is put to ferment, at a controlled temperature between 20°C and 23°C, in tuns made of centenary oak casks, for 6 to 12 weeks.

The new wine is then racked, then it rests for 8 to 9 months on fine lees inside the tuns.


A filtration ends this first stage of wine making at the start of the Summer.

The wine is then refined, at constant temperature, for 12 to 18 months in a stainless steel tanks, then prepared for bottling.

Bottling is performed using an equipment sterilised with steam and using a membrane filtration unit with 1.2µ then 0.65µ cartridges, to guarantee a perfect microbiological stability.

4 sample bottles are taken during each bottling session for analysis by an independent laboratory certified by COFRAC in order to guarantee the perfect quality of our wines to every customer.


seau raisin

L’ensemble de nos bouteilles de vins est bouché avec du liège naturel, sélectionné par nous, avec les même fournisseurs depuis plus de 50 ans.

All our wine bottles are fitted with a natural cork, which we select ourselves from the same suppliers we have been using for more than 50 years.

The bottled wine, stored in pallet cases, is stored in our wine storehouses for several months, before being labelled, then dispatched throughout the world.

All of our cellar work is controlled by ECOCERT once a year or the traceability of our wines is checked from the vine to the bottling.

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