Our estate is located in Alsace, east of France. When our ancestors in the XVI Century settled in Guebwiller, the monks "The Princes Abbés” of Murbach controlled the vineyard. This power ceased at the French Revolution, end of the XVIII Century and it permitted a new land regrouping.

In 1810 Nicolas Schlumberger (1782-1867) set up a factory of materiel machines in Guebwiller. As he was attached to the land he also bought about 20 hectares of vines. That was the start of a rare harmony between earth and human exigencies:
“Les Domaines Schlumberger” were born.
Three generations later, Ernest Schlumberger (1885 – 1954) took care of the Domaine. Because of the phylloxera that ruined the vines in the early XX Century, the vineyard of Guebwiller was abandoned by most of the winegrowers during this period.
Shrewdly, Ernest Schumberger realised the opportunity in front of him, so he bought plots of vine and replanted them.
He also built terraces on the whole vineyard and established horizontally planting of the vine.
Eric Beydon-Schlumberger arrived in Guebwiller in 1971 and invested himself in the company. We owe to him a re-planting of the old vineyard as well its world famous renown.