Eco conception

Domaine Schlumberger has signed an agreement with the city for the treatment of waste. Sorting of waste, bringing the fuel station and the drinking water well into compliance, recycling of label widths, 100% recycling of pallets that are reused…

For many years, the choice of the bottle has been for a light bottle (440 gr against 700 gr on average) and brown (which allows the use of 70% recycled glass).

Use on all bottles of an e-cap, it is plastic free and 100% recyclable. It fully meets the demands of customers concerned about environmental impact and sustainable development.

The storage of around 800,000 bottles is done in an unconditioned underground cellar. The cellar located at the level of a watercourse is cool enough to avoid air conditioning.

Labeling is tailor-made on site to take into account the requirements of customers in each country and to limit the waste of unused labels.