We find records of this rustic, good-tempered horse as far back as the Roman period.
It seems that it comes from a crossbreeding between local mares and German stallions. They were the best reproductive stallions in all Burgundy and the knights of the middle age mounted them when they fought in tournaments.

Horse of warriors, the Sun King Louis XIV, and Napoleon I adopted them for their cavalry as well as for towing artillery and coaches. Unfortunately all these withdrawals for the army led to a shortage of the breed.

It is only early in the 20th century that a few people decided to take care of them. In 1910 the first breeder competition took place in Maîche (Department of the Doubs)

This proud horse once again found its place of honour, assisting numerous farming activities.
Since then, in spits of the increasing motorisation of the post war yars, the Franc-Comtois horse is still present in our vines and hearts.
It is today the first draught horse breed in France.