Schlumberger summary

Schlumberger in few lines:

  • We are estate winegrowers who exclusively harvest and produce our own wines. We do not buy any grapes nor juice or wine (Alsatians winegrowers represents only 22% of the regional production).
  • A family vineyard established since 1810, nowadays, Thomas and Severine Schlumberger represent the 7th Generation in charge of the family estate.
  • This vineyard is unique in Alsace : 130 hectares with 70 hectares classified as Grands Crus composed of 4 “terroirs” : Kitterlé, Kessler, Saering, Spiegel.
  • An exeptional location. Situated on the steep hillsides of the Vosges, the vineyard benefits from the best exposures (southwest, south, southeast); its slopes can reach 50°.
  • Because of the Vineyard’s topography and the soil composition we have much lower yields than the average yield of other winegrowers in the region : 45 hl/ha for the entire Domaine.
  • A craft work that respects environment. Even today, we plough and work with the 2 horses owned by the Domaine. All year long, a team of 2  masons mend and maintain the 50 kms of walls. We also respect sustained farming (we signed the Tyflo Charter in 2003). The estate is on level 3 (highest level) for High Environnemental Value, to ensure great, quality wines for the future generations.
  • A complete and easily identifying range of wine :
    • Les Princes Abbés : this range offers the 7 Alsatian grape varieties. Each vintage benefits from grapes of high quality.
    • Les Grands Crus : jewel of the Domaine Schlumberger, the Grands Crus offers 3 varieties : Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer (only 4 varieties are authorized to be classified as Grands Crus). Our Grands Crus all come from the 4 terroirs of Guebwiller. Some years, when the quality of the grapes used for Grands Crus does not reach our standard, we do not hesitate to declassifie it to the range of Les Princes Abbés.
    • Les Cuvées de Collection : coming from Late Harvest or from Selection de Grains Nobles (noble roots), these wines are the rarest of the Domaine. They are only produced in exceptional years.
    • A naturally limited yield. We prefer a naturally limited yield in order to grant an excellent and irreproachable quality to each bottle. So our production is only of 650.000 bottles per year.
    • A targeted distribution. You will not find our wines in supermarkets but only in the best restaurants and good cellars. 65% of our wines are exported throughout the world.