for the great wines of future generations: a preserved environment

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While making important investments in technical equipment (tanks, presses…) we have carried out a qualitative evaluation of our vineyard.

Since 2003 : all the estate is cultivated in sustained farming (local chart TYFLO).

In 2006 : 30 hectares are bio dynamically farmed.

Are we fashion victims or are we just sweet dreamers?
Not at all!
We simply think that we are responsible in front of the coming generations.
For them, we have to keep and maintain an always more threatened environment, as healthy as possible.We know that our vineyards must contribute to a qualitative conservation of the surrounding nature.

That’s why, through biodynamic farming we are working to ensure the durability and the regeneration of the vineyard. Biodynamic farming reinforces vine immunity and ensures healthy soils and sub soils as well as vigorous foliage that give our grapes an exceptional quality.

From generation to generation, the respect of nature and environment has always been an essential element of the way of life and philosophy of the family Schlumberger.

It’s up to us to do our best to keeping this thought.

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Biodynamic Culture - Sustainable Agriculture