Christine Schlumberger (1894-1971) looked with talent and firmness after the management of Domaines Schlumberger during nearly twenty years.

The Late Harvest (Vendanges Tardives – appellation since 1984) are wines harvested in overmaturity, several weeks after the harvest. Contrary to certain types of sweet wines, they maintain a freshness and natural acidity with a flavour that is unique in the world.


Our Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives comes exclusively from our Grand Cru Kessler.


The vines were carefully tended from their winter pruning until the harvest carried out on 1/12/2008. Harvested manually from our steep vineyards, the grapes are then transported in small crates (to prevent the berries from getting crushed) to our winery where they are then slowly pressed. After racking for about 3 days, the perfectly clear juices are put to ferment in tuns where the temperature is strictly controlled. Fermentations last from 1 to 3 months until spring. The wines are then stabilised, filtered and then bottled on 29/04/2010.


  • Fruit dessert
  • Aperitif
  • Crepes Suzette

Serve at 12°C.

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The wine has a robe of honey yellow colour with reflections of old gold. The disc is thick, the legs are present and join the wine gracefully. The visual appearance is clear and translucent with beautiful clarity. The robe suggests a wine of great concentration.

The nose at first is expressive and open. I detect yellow fruits such as apricot and mirabelle as well as spices such as coriander. After aeration, the aromas are confirmed. We find again dried apricot and spices such as nutmeg. A smoky hint adds to this aromatic palette. A complex nose with great maturity.

On the palate, the onset is clear and generous. The taste perception is structured by a present and round smoothness that remains palatable because of a continuing linear freshness. An airy sensation reveals the honey flavour of cooked sugar. Are also discovered, fresh apricot and fragrance of cooked banana. Some hints of coriander and black pepper make the wine more complex on a spicy register. The length is again tightened to noble and palatable bitter notes, of 6 to 7 caudalies. The accurate finish evokes the flavour of pistachio. The palate is balanced, marked by aromas derived in part from raisining.

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