Riesling Flieg 2015

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Technical details

Type of wine:

  • Dry
  • Medium dry
  • Mellow
  • Sweet
  • Alcohol: 14º
  • Acidity: 4,53 grs/l
  • Resisdual sugar: 7,10 grs/l
  • Appellation: AOC Alsace

Food & Wine Pairings

It can be associated with a salmon Carpaccio with exotic fruits...


Since the Middle Ages, the Abbés Princes of the Murbach Abbey operated this terroir. The Schlumberger family has acquired it in the middle of the 19th century and it was commercialized unti the late 1960.


The Flieg is a hillside overlooking the Guebwiller valley and located at the western end of our vineyard with south, southwest exposure. Resulting from a unique Alsatian soil, it is composed of Latite (reddish acid volcanic rock debris).


It is made from grapes cultivated on selected plots of Riesling. Planted by hand, the grape juice is placed in our century-old tuns to ferment ; it is then matured in tuns for 6 months and in stainless steel vats for other 6 months before bottling.


The robe is lemon yellow with green reflections of good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth.
The nose is marked, pleasant and intense. We perceive a distinguished dominant of candied fruits (citrus fruits, lemon) ; white flowers as well as a fine mineral and smoky touch. The airing enhances the previous scents and reveals an exotic personality : mango, passion fruits but also peach and apricot. The nose expresses a perfect quality of the grapes and a remarkable estate of health. The exotic profile gives an agreeable freshness and a lot of pleasure.
The onset in the mouth is dense and fleshy, caressing, with a vigorous alcohol support. The wine evolves on a sharp, incisive medium, marked by a fine sparking note. The range of delicious flavours is in line with that of the nose, incredibly exotic. Dominated by candied fruits, citrus, white flowers apricot, peach, passion fruits, mango and this slight mineral and smoky touch. the finish has a good length, 7-8 caudalies, and a frank and persistent vivacity. The balance is dense, complete. This wine has volume and is based on an exotic and solar range of flavours. It expresses its terroir. Very attractive profile in the making.

Technical sheet by M. Pascal Leonetti
“Best Sommelier of France 2006”

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