Pinot Gris Grand Cru Spiegel 2014

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Spiegel has been well known for over 50 years, a time during which the owners of this plot have done their utmost to preserve its originality.


Spiegel lies on sandy-clay and faces east. It stretches out halfway up the slope between Guebwiller and Bergholtz at an altitude of 260 to 315 meters.


The grapes are hand-picked and whole bunches are pressed. There is static settling of the lees. The wine is fermented in temperature controlled tuns, followed by raising on the less for 8 months.


Highlighted if served with a chicken salad with honey and mustard, a goose liver escalope with Mirabelle plum and spices, round fillets of veal with cream and ceps or a soft rind-washed cheese. Serving temperature 12°C.

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The robe is light golden yellow with green reflections of medium intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth.
The nose is marked, pleasant and of good intensity. Sophisticated, we perceive a dominant of candied and overripe scents : yellow fruits, Mirabelle plum, quince, Golden apple and honey. The airing enhances these scents and reveals subtle smoky notes, liquorice and hummus.
The ripe and healthy grapes express the very beautiful complexity of the Pinot Gris. Remarkable profile ! The onset in the mouth is dense and ample, mellow. The alcohol support is full-bodied. The wine evolves on a medium of delicate and still underlying vivacity, with a sparkling note. The range of flavors  is in line with that of the nose, still dominated by candied yellow fruits, quince, Mirabelle plum, Golden apple, liquorice, mushrooms, honey and this noble and smoky character. The finish has a good length, 7-8 caudalies, and a frank liveliness. Rich and velvety, the balance of this wine is tasty. It allows the complexity of the grapes to express itself. It will be an excellent bottle.

Technical sheet by M. Pascal Leonetti
“Best Sommelier of France 2006”

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