Kitterlé was distinguished right from 1699. In 1782, twelve “schatz” of vines turned out to belong entirely to the Jesuits from Ensisheim. It has been sold under its own name since 1830.


This volcanic-sandstone plot is on unique site, on a steeply sloping rocky outcrop facing three ways (south-west, south and south-east). The light, sandy soil, which is kept back by huge drystone walls, only gives very low yields.


The grape are hand-picked and whole bunches are pressed. There is static settling of the lees. The wine is fermented in temperature controlled tuns, followed by raising on the less for 8 months.


  • Aperitif
  • Poultry
  • Spicy salads (mexican, marocan, indian…)
  • Foie gras
  • Exotic dishes (coconut milk, safran…)
  • Salty-sweet dishes
  • Cheeses such as blue, munster…
  • Pastry, tart, cream or mousse (avoid chocolate)
Serve at 12°C
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The robe is a lemon yellow with light green reflections of a good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine has a youthful quality.
The nose is marked, pleasant, moderately distinguished and gives out delicate scents dominated by exotic fruits, litchi, mango and spices. A slight floral hint of rose can be detected. Airing intensifies the nose where rose dominates but gives way to the exotic range, grapefruit, litchi, mango, passion fruit as well as spices, ginger. The nose is splendid, intense, complex and is highly enjoyable.
The onset in the mouth is ample and marrowy. The alcoholic base is full-bodied. One evolves on a medium of marked vivacity with a sparkling note. The range of flavors, spicy, ginger, exotic fruit, litchi, passion fruit and floral, is splendid. The marked bitterness provides freshness.
The finish presents a beautiful length, 9 caudalies a persistent bitterness and a delicate vivacity. The structure is demonstrative and opulent while also maintaining a superb freshness. The range of flavors is perfect.
Technical sheet elaborated by M. Pascal Leonetti
Best Sommelier of France 2006
Sommelier at l’Auberge de l’Ill (*** Michelin)


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