Even though the Pinot Blanc is very old (already known in the 16th century), it achieved its present reputation only during the last few years. This grape variety is not originating from the Bourgogne (Burgundy) region but comes from Northern Italy. It was first introduced by the Anglo-Saxons. The French then also discovered it gradually and they began to appreciate this wine for its qualities of freshness, suppleness and its food-friendliness.


Our Pinot Blanc is located essentially in the Grands Crus Saering and Spiegel as well as the localities of Bux and Bollenberg.


Manual harvest, started the 20th September 2011. Slow pneumatic pressing, static racking. Fermentation in thermo-regulated tuns for 1 to 4 months. Maturation on lees from 6 to 8 months. Bottled in August 2012.


  • Smoked or raw fish
  • Simple bistro dishes, delicatessen
  • A bream carpaccio with dill, smoked trout with lemon zest

Serve at 12°

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Its clear and bright robe is characterised by yellow colour with golden reflections. A youthful aspect is revealed.

The olfactory approach is playful and seductive leading to a typical nose with a seasonal flavour evoking fresh bread crumb and yellow plums like mirabelle. When aerating it, these notes intensify and confirm, complemented by hints of fatty spring flowers such as acacia.

On the palate, the wine is charming with a freshness integrated into a real volume in the mouth. The aromas of the nose appear again, enhanced. Thus, I find the mirabelle again, complemented by fresh herb fragrances, a sign that the wine is mature for tasting. The length is somewhat generous, adding aromatic force to the finish with a scent of melissa.

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