Even though the Pinot Blanc is very old (already known in the 16th century), it achieved its present reputation only during the last few years. This grape variety is not originating from the Bourgogne (Burgundy) region but comes from Northern Italy. It was first introduced by the Anglo-Saxons. The French then also discovered it gradually and they began to appreciate this wine for its qualities of freshness, suppleness and its food-friendliness.


Our Pinot Blanc is located essentially in the vines of Saering & Spiegel as well as the localities of Bux and Bollenberg.


Pneumatic pressing, static racking. Fermentation in thermo-regulated tuns for one to four months. Maturing for seven months on fine lees.


It can be associated with blue ling fish with vegetables and cider, a gardenfresh salad, a baked egg in brioche with peas of fresh cheese such as a goat Brocciu… Serve at 12°C.

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The robe is light lemon yellow with green reflections of good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth.

The nose is marked, pleasant and of good intensity. We perceive a dominant of primary scents: flowers, citrus fruits (lemon zest) and spices (white pepper).

The airing enhances these scents and reveals apple, pear, hop and a light smokiness. The nose has a nice character. Its youth shows radiance and a welcomed sensation of freshness.

The onset in the mouth is slender and full-bodied. The wine evolves on a medium with a frank liveliness, marked by a sparkling note. We find the same aromas as on the nose, still dominated by white flowers, citrus fruits (yuzu zest, lemon), hop, pear, apple and this smokiness.

The finish has a good length, 5-6 caudalies, with a frank liveliness and a delicate bitterness. The balance is elegant and slightly strong, which gives the wine character.

The complex range of flavours is pleasant.

Comments by Pascal Leonetti- January 2019

“Best Sommelier of France 2006”

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