Pinot Gris Vendange Tardives 2001

Technical details

Type of wine:

  • Dry
  • Medium dry
  • Mellow
  • Sweet
  • Alcohol: 12.39º
  • Acidity: 4.62 grs/l
  • Resisdual sugar: 102.8 grs/l


In the best years, some Alsace wines or Alsace Grands Crus can also benefit of the mention “Vendanges Tardives”, late harvest. The richness of these mellow wines is completely natural.


100% of our Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives 2001 comes from our Grand Cru KESSLER, a vineyard with sandstone subsoil and an east, south-east exposure.


Hand picked, the grapes are sent by crates to the cellar where they are smoothly pressed using a pneumatic press. After a static settling of the must, the perfectly clear juice is to be fermented in controlled temperature casks from 1 to 3 months until spring. Wines are then stabilized, filtered put in bottles and kept in our cellar for a few years before being shipped all over the world.


To be tasted again in 5 years. A good serving suggesting is as accompaniment to an autumn fruit salad and wild rose ice cream.
Serving temperature 12°C.

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The robe is a deep yellow with light reflections of a great intensity. The disk is bright, limpid, transparent. The wine has a great concentratin. The nose is marked, neat, pleasant, with a good intensity and gives out a dominant of candied scents, overmatured and delicately botrytised. A hint of fruitiness is also detected, crystallized quince, caramelized apple. Airing enhances the fruity character, poached pear, meat juice and a hint of volatility that is not displeasing. The nose is reserved and complex. Very promising for the future. The onset in the mouth is ample, semi liquorish, the alcoholic base is vigorous. One evolves on a chiselled, sharp, delicately sparkling medium. The range of flavours remains complex, botrytis, mushroom, fruitiness, quince, crystallized fruits, meat juice. The finish offers a moderate length, 6 caudalies, and a sharp vivacity that is very refreshing. The structure of this wine is immense and requires time to open out the intensity of its flavours.