Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives 2010

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Technical details

Type of wine:

  • Dry
  • Medium dry
  • Mellow
  • Sweet
  • Alcohol: 12,15º
  • Acidity: 5,66 grs/l

Food & Wine Pairings

Serve with fruit dessert...


During the best years, certain Alsace or Alsace Grands Crus wines may be categorised with the mention Vendanges Tardives (Late Harvest). The richness of these mellow wines is perfectly natural.


Obtained 100% from the Grand Cru Spiegel, our Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives is produced in our east-facing hills (altitude from 260 to 315 metres) with a marl and sandstone soil.


The vines were carefully tended from their winter pruning until the harvest carried out on 8th November 2010. HArvested manually from our steep vineyards, the grapes are then transported in small crates (to prevent the berries from getting crushed) to our winery where they are then slowly pressed. After racking for about 3 days, the perfectly clear juices are put to ferment in tuns where the temperature is strictly controlled. Fermentations last from 1 to 3 months until spring. The wines are then stabilised, filtered and then bottled in May 2012. The bottles are stored, labelled and shipped all over the world.


Serve with fruit dessert, strong cheese.

Example : clafoutis with peaches, Bleu de Causses

Serve at 12°.

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The robe is golden yellow with straw yellow reflections. The disc is moderately thick, the legs are present and fatty. The wine has a beautiful brightness and allows light to pass through. We notice a beautiful density. A robe showing a beautiful concentration of the wine.

The nose, on first contact, is charming and delicate, of medium intensity. I discover fruits in brandy such as the pear and toasted notes such as hazelnut. After oxygenation, the toasted notes intensify and complement the elegant notes of citronella and ginger. Fruity scents of Mirabelle in brandy round off this nose. A complex nose with a beautiful aromatic power.

On the palate, the onset is frank and fatty. A real smoothness asserts itself, immediately balanced by an invigorating and crisp freshness with the flavour of passion juice. A still dissociated palate, which highlights exotic flavours such as passion fruit and pomegranate, as well as flavours of Indian gooseberry. A hint of orange blossom adds a touch of finesse. The length is savoury and fresh, 5 to 6 caudalies leading to an English candy finish. A palate marked by its freshness, but with beautiful fruit aromas.