Pinot Gris Vendange Tardives 2007

Technical details

Type of wine:

  • Dry
  • Medium dry
  • Mellow
  • Sweet
  • Alcohol: 12.49º

Food & Wine Pairings

A perfect match! Pan-fried foie gras with its fig compote and a light touch of balsamic vinegar. 


During the best years, certain Alsace or Alsace Grands Crus wines may be categorised with the mention « Vendange Tardive » (Late Harvest). The richness of these mellow is perfectly natural.


Obtained 100% from the Grand Cru Kessler, our Pinot Gris Vendange Tardive originates from our east and south-east facing hills with a sandstone sub-soil.


The vines were carefully tended from their winter pruning to the harvests that took place on 12 October 2007.Harvested by hand in our vineyards, the grapes are then carried in wooden trays (to prevent the clusters from getting crushed) to our winery where they are slowly pressed. After racking for about three days, the perfectly clear juices are then made to ferment in tuns where the temperature is strictly controlled. The fermentations last one to three months until spring. The wines are then stabilized, filtered and bottled during the next springtime. They are then stored for several years before being labeled and sent all over the world.


  • Aperitif
  • Foie gras
  • Strong cheeses
  • Pastry, tart, cream or mousse
  • To finish a meal
  • By itself at any time
Serve at 12°C
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The robe is a golden yellow with light shades of green. The disk is bright and limpid. The wine shows a great concentration.
The nose is frank, clear and pleasant, with a beautiful intensity, revealing a dominant of candied, overmatured flavors, finely botrytised. Airing confirms the overmature and even brioche character of the wine.
The onset in the mouth is ample, half syrupy and full-bodied; the fine and edgy freshness reminds us that we are on a sandstone sub-soil, the alcohol gives a warm touch without heaviness. The range of aromas remains complex with astonishing notes of honey and candied fruit.
The finish is quite long and rich but remains always fresh.
Technical sheet elaborated by M. Pascal Leonetti
Best Sommelier of France 2006
Sommelier at l’Auberge de l’Ill (*** Michelin)