It is undoubtedly the first pinot grape variety imported from Burgundy, no doubt because of the similarities in topography and climate between Burgundy and Alsace. This prestigious red grape variety was prominent in Alsace in the middle Ages, but then disappeared, except for certain places where red wine was still appreciated. It is becoming increasingly popular today because of its freshness and fruitiness.


80% comes from the limestone Bollenberg plot and 20% comes from the marl-limestone Saering plot.


Its vinification occurs during a maceration of two weeks. Its growth in traditional tuns for 10 months allows adding a more full-bodied and more complex structure to its typical fruitiness.


It can be associated with Cinco Jotas Bellota Iberian ham, a duck magret with black grapes and raspberry vinegar or a deer with wild mushrooms and a Grand Veneur sauce. Temperature of service 15°C.

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The robe is ruby red with purple reflections, of good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth.

The nose is marked, pleasant and of good intensity. We perceive a dominant of red fruit scents, cherry, blackcurrant as well as flowers (rose). The airing enhances these scents and reveals spices, cinnamon, pepper, liquorice and a very noble graphite note. The range of scents is remarkable ! Sophisticated and bright, it outperforms the usual dimension of this vintage.

The onset in the mouth is juicy. It shows a beautiful silky touch. The alcohol support is well-balanced. The wine evolves on a medium with a delicate liveliness, marked by a sparkling note. The range of flavours is in line with that of the nose, still dominated by red fruit, blackcurrant, cherry, flowers, rose, spices, pepper, cinnamon, liquorice, Tonka bean, pencil lead and graphite. A light astringency comes from the ripe tannin. The finish has a long length, 9-10 caudalies, a light astringency and a marked liveliness. A tremendous success !

The balance of this wine summarises all superlatives. Finesse, elegance, brightness, precise extraction and forcefulness. At this early stage of development, the wine already delivers an infinite pleasure.

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