The Riesling is the noblest and finest grape variety of Alsace. Introduced in the 15th century from Rhineland, it is supposed to be in fact originating from the Orleans region. It is very different from its German homologue and from the many other Rieslings that are now appearing all over the world.


Our Riesling is planted essentially in the locality of Bollenberg and in the vines of Saering and Kessler, and also in the young vineyards of the Kitterlé.


Slow pneumatic pressing, static racking. Fermentation in thermo-regulated tuns for one to four months. Matured on lees during six to eight months.


It can be associated with a pineapple and king prawn salad, a bass fish tartar with citrus fruits and herbs, salmon and avocado chirashi or a goat’s milk cheese such as the Rigotte de Condrieu. To be served at a temperature of 12°C.

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The robe is lemon yellow with light green reflections, of good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth.

The nose is marked, pleasant and of good intensity. We perceive a dominant of fruity scents, citrus fruits, ripe lemon, white flowers and a slight smoky touch. The airing enhances these scents and reveals spices, ginger, gas and naphtha. The nose shows a sophisticated and understandable profile, following up this vintage, sure value offered by the vineyard.

The onset in the mouth is moderately ample, full-bodied. The wine evolves on a strict, incisive medium, marked by a sparkling note. The range of flavours is in line with that of the nose, still focused on citrus fruits, lemon, white flowers, spices, ginger and a mineral, slightly smoky hydrocarbonic definition. The finish has a good length, 8-9 caudalies, and a frank and persistent liveliness.

The solar vintage gives a perfect balance to this digestible wine. The gustatory characteristics of this Riesling are both exemplary and remarkable on its aromatic range.

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