Dinstinguished right from 1394, Kessler has been sold under its own name since 1830.


Kessler lies on a bedrock of sandstone and in the middle of this plot there is a small valley facing east, south-east which shelters it from the north winds and cold airstreams which comes from the valley of Guebwiller. A natural extension of Grand Cru Kitterlé.


Whole grape pressing, static racking. Fermentation in thermocontrolled tuns for 1 to 4 months. Ageing on fine lees for 8 months.


Serve with appetizer, Asian dishes…

Example : spring roll, nems with pork and soya, stir-fried foie gras…

Serve at a temperature of 12°C.

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The robe is a pale yellow with silvery highlights. The disc is moderately thick and bright. The robe is limpid with a youthful appearance.

The nose is restrained at first. The primary aromas of the wine are released, notably fresh chamomile and cut herbs. After aeration, the olfactory expression is refined and brings out spices like coriander, and some scents of white peaches and fresh pears. A timid nose that is yet to assert itself.

On the palate, the onset is frank, the wine is generous. A creamy serosity combines with a straight and tonic freshness, typical of the vintage, which extends the mouth feel. The balance deserves to be refined a little further. The fruity character asserts itself here. We find fresh peach associated with a touch of fresh Victoria pineapple. Fragrances of aromatic herbs such as melissa are released, leading to a tonic length of 5 to 6 caudalies. The finish is palatable and slightly acid, with an ashy hint. A tonic palate that has to become more harmonious.

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