Distinguished right from 1394, Kessler has been sold under its own name since 1830.


Kessler lies on a bedrock of sandstone and in the middle of this plot there is a small valley facing east, south-east which shelters it from the north winds and cold airstreams which comes from the valley of Guebwiller. A natural extension of Grand Cru Kitterlé.


Whole grape pressing, static racking. Fermentation in thermocontrolled tuns for 1 to 4 months. Ageing on fine lees for 8 months.


Do not hesitate to combine it at the table, with a seafood curry with coconut milk, a pad Thai (rice noodles sautée with chicken), a pork stir-fry with ginger, fresh pineapple and chicory or a paste cheese. Soft and washed rind, Taleggio type. Serve at a temperature of 12°C.

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The colour is golden yellow with green reflections, of good intensity. The disc is shiny, limpid and transparent. The wine presents youth.

The nose is frank, pleasant and intense. We perceive a profusion of fruity scents, lemon, candied and exotic orange, mango and fruits of the passion. The aeration amplifies these odours and reveals the banana, the grapefruit, papaya, flowers, rose and spices, candied ginger.

Year after year, the estate impresses with the quality of its Gewurztraminers. This is no exception to the rule. Exuberance, harmony, complexity and freshness sum up this maddening nose. A superb work!!!

The attack on the palate is dense, caressing and mellow. The alcohol support is balance. We evolve on a lively, elegant environment, marked by the pearl. We rediscover the aromas of the nose, dominated by citrus fruits, clementine, and orange candied, grapefruit, exotic, papaya, banana, mango, fruit passion, flowers, rose, spices, candied ginger. We perceive a fine bitterness. The finish is very long, 14-15 caudalies, thus than a fine liveliness and a lingering bitterness.

The balance impresses with its dimension. Indeed, the softness mingles with the silky, while the liveliness underlines a stirring palette of aromas. Great wine!!!

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