The Traminer is probably the most famous Alsace wine. It comes from the North of Italy and dates from the XVI century. The Gewurztraminer (literally means spicy or musky Traminer) is a selection of the most aromatic Traminer wines and became Gewurztraminer around the year 1950.


Our Gewurztraminer comes mainly from our named localities of Bollenberg and Bux as well as from the young vines from our Grand Cru vineyards


  • Spicy white meat
  • Fish and Chinese vegetables in wok
  • Pork medallion in curry sauce

Serve at 12°C.

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The robe is golden yellow with blond reflections. The disk is bright, clear and translucent. The legs are fine and join the wine with elegance. The robe is bright indicating a young wine.

At the nose, a pleasant intense and fruity expression emerges. I find exotic fruits such as mango and a touch of mullein flower. After aeration, the nose powerfully asserts the notes of mango and papaya, completed by spices such as black pepper and coriander. A delicate vegetal touch of eucalyptus refines the overall. An expressive and intense nose suggesting a wine of a beautiful maturity.

The onset on the palate is frank and pure. A combination of elegant and well integrated freshness, with the volume created by melted sugars is responsible for the balanced structure of this wine. The aromas are revealed with intensity. I feel yellow fruits such as mirabelle and fresh quince associated with spicy aromas, including white pepper and caraway. A touch of honey softens the mouth feel in the second half and introduces a satisfying and tense length, 5 to 6 caudalies, finishing on a subtle minty note. A delectable and young taste, beautiful and harmonious.

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