Muscat is a very ancient vine variety, mentioned as early as 1510. Originating from the East and very different from the sweet Muscat varieties, it is the result of a blending of two varieties, the so-called Alsace Muscat and the Ottonel Muscat.


Muscat is a delicate, very sensitive grape variety and mainly comes from the Bollenberg and Bux plots. Unfortunately, due to its whimsical character, Muscat is not available every year.


Due to a catastrophic blossoming of the Ottonel Muscats in 2010 (80% of the grapes “dripped”), it was not possible to blend this wine as usual, using 50% Ottonel Muscat and 50% Alsace Muscat. This 2010 vintage, harvested on March 21, 2010, contains 80% Alsace Muscat and 20% Ottonel Muscat. After pneumatic pressing, the juice was settled naturally before alcoholic fermentation. Fermentation took place in casks for several weeks. After maturing on fine lees until the spring following the harvest, the wine was clarified and bottled in April 2011.


  • For the aperitif
  • Serve it with aspics, espumas or other spring vegetable verrines.
  • For the first course, it will be preferred with a platter of charcuterie or a hot goat cheese salad.

Serve at 12°

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The robe is a light yellow with green reflections. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent.

The nose is marked with an average intensiy and fruity notes (grapes citrus fruits). Airing amplifies the intensity of the aromas in a more floral register, notes of honeysuckle and lily can be found.

The onset in the mouth is fresh, lively and incisive. The middle mouth shows mellowness while still remaining dry.

The finish is marked with a slight bitterness, still nervous and incisive. This is a dry, fruity, thirst-quenching wine with an average length and a beautiful vivacity.

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