Muscat Les Princes Abbés 2015

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Muscat is a very anciet grape variety, first mentioned in 1510. Of eastern origin and very different to the sweet Muscat, it is the result of a blend of two grape varieties, Muscat d’Alsace grapes and Muscat Ottonel. (Blended in equal proportions at Domaines Schlumberger.


Muscat is a delicate, very sensitive grape variety. This wine mainly comes from the Bollenberg and Bux plots. Being very difficult, our Muscat is unfortunately not available every year.


A blend, in equal proportions, of two varieties of Muscat d’Alsace and Muscat Ottonel. The grapes are pressed pneumatically followed by static settling of the must. Fermentation takes place in temperature controlled tuns from 1 to 4 months. The wine is raised on the less for 4 months and bottled within the year.


Ideal to accompany original flavors : ballotines of snails with wild garlic sauce, a nettle soup with soft-boiled eggs, a salmon fillet with mint and lemon sauce or a fresh goat cheese with chives from the Embetschés farm. To be served at a temperature of 12°C.

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THe robe is light yellow with light green reflections of low intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows a brillant youth.
The nose is marked, pleasant and of good intensity. Flattering and crispy, we perceive a dominant of complex fruity scents : citrus fruits, yuzu, spices, ginger as well as delicate vegetal, peppermint and nettle. The airing enhances the previous scents and reveals an exotic personality : grapefruit, mango and white peach. The ripe and healthy fruit magnifies the range of scents. Pure and precise, it provide a lot of pleasure.
The onset in the mouth is moderately aample with a full-bodied alcohol support. The wine evolves on a medium of marked vivacity, with a sparkling note. The ange of flavors is in line with that of the nose, still dominated by delicate vegetal, blackcurrant leaf, peppermint, chlorophyll, exotic fruits, lime, grapefruit, mango, white peach, spices and ginger. We perceive a hint of savory bitterness. The finish has a good length, 8-9 caudalies, and a frank liveliness. The balance focuses on freshness. Its elegant and refreshing range of flavors is a delight. Very attractive profile !

Technical sheet by M. Pascal Leonetti
“Best Sommelier of France 2006”

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