Pinot Gris Grand Cru Kitterlé 2014

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The Kitterlé was mentioned for the first time in 1699. In 1782 twelve “schatz” of vineyard were recorded as the exclusive property of the Jesuits from Ensisheim. The wine from this slope is marketed in its own name since 1830.


The Kitterlé is a volcanic sandstone soil occupying a unique site on mountain ledges, on a rocky spur exposed to three directions (south-west, south and south-east). The light and sandy soil retained by immense dry stone walls allows only a limited yield (25 to 35 hl/ha).


Entire grapes are pressed, with static racking. Fermentation in thermoregulated tuns for one to four months. Matured on fine lees during eight months.


Ideal to accompany autumn flavors : a mushroom and smoked duck fillet quiche, doe terrine with girolle mushrooms and herbs, a perfect egg at 64°C, ceps and parmesan cheese. It goes wonderfully with soft and washed rind cheeses, such as Epoisses.

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The robe is golden yellow and intense with light reflections of good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine shows youth.
The nose is marked, pleasant and of good intensity. We perceive a dominant of rich scents : honey, mushroom and a light smokiness. The airing enhances these scents and reveals subtle notes of yellow fruits, quince, Mirabelle plum and Golden apple. Even if the grapes have a good state of health, the range of flavors is a bit short. Time will be a very good ally.
The onset in the mouth is moderately ample, rich. The alcohol support is balanced. The wine evolves on a medium of strict and sharp vivacity, with a sparkling note. The range of flavors is in line with that of the nose. Reserved, it releases aromas of candied yellow fruits, Mirabelle plum, quince, Golden apple, honey and white flowers. The finish has an average length, 5-6 caudalies, and a frank liveliness. The balance of this wine full of character is very tasty. The distinctive range of flavors requires time to open.

Technical sheet by M. Pascal Leonetti
“Best Sommelier of France 2006”

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